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2015 Field of Dreams' Kid's Fishing Day

By Press Release
June 2, 2015

Colusa, California – The Field of Dreams’ (“FOD”) Kid’s Fishing Day is like a favorite song.  We all love to see and hear it play.  Forty two disadvantaged children fishing on a reservoir and enjoying a relaxing weekend of western outdoor fun is my favorite song.

This 10th-annual event started on Friday, May 15th with a dinner banquet at Granzella’s in Williams, CA.  A great feast was had and fishing gear was provided for all the children.  There was a special kids-only drawing for a beautiful standard poodle service dog.  Noah Donaghe won the drawing and was thrilled.  But a little girl, Angela Cortez was crying because she wanted to win and once the breeder Karen Marks heard that, a second dog was found!

Families spent Friday night at Granzella’s Inn.  The next morning after a delicious Granzella’s breakfast, with fishing rods ready, families travelled to fish on a reservoir at a family-owned cattle ranch in Stonyford, CA.  It was the perfect spot for this quick get-a-way event.

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Tower Investments buys 73,742 sq.ft. Office Complex in Indianapolis

Fortune Park Business Center
By Press Release
April 28, 2015

On April 28, 2015 Tower Investments purchased a three-building office complex in the Fortune Park Business Center located at 8755 and 8765 Guion Road and 3939 Vincennes Road in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The 73,742 square feet complex is comprised of one 35,000 sq.ft. two-story Office Building and two single-story Flex Buildings of 20,372 sq.ft. and 18,370 sq.ft.  The major tenant is the United States Postal Service.  Please click here for more information about the property.

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December rains benefit Stonyford Ranch

By Press Release
December 23, 2014

The December, 2014, rains have seen Stonyford Ranch and its environs go from drought to flood.  The video below show the dramatic change in Stony Creek from October to December, 2014.  Stonyford Ranch’s reservoirs are now full to capacity.

Video: "Stony Creek Before and After the December, 2014 Rains"

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Pine Island High School Construction on fast track

Recent construction work on the new Pine Island High School
By Press Release
December 17, 2014

Construction on the new Pine Island High School continues, despite the snow.  The site was donated by Tower Investments.  The new school is scheduled to be finished in the fall of 2015.

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"Elk Run is proud of neighbor, Mayo Clinic, for its distinction of 'best hospital in the USA'"

July 15, 2014

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"CMA Country Music Fest attracts top artists and 80,000 fans"

June 8, 2014

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"Tower Entertainment Venues doing well in booming Nashville"

By Sara Clemence - Wall Street Journal
June 7, 2014

It's a small city with a big reputation-almost all of it deserved.  Over the past decade or so, Nashville has evolved beyond a music mecca to become a celebrity magnet and a culinary powerhouse too.  Under-the-radar restaurants no longer exist-new establishments seem to get national attention faster than you can say "Catbird Seat."  You might spot anyone from Tom Hanks to Justin Timberlake on the streets.  A certain prime-time, eponymous television show hasn't exactly dimmed the spotlight on the town.  

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Stonyford Ranch hosts 2014 Field of Dreams annual Kid's Fishing Day

By Press Release
May 27, 2014

Woodland, California – May 27, 2014.  Forgetting my cell phone at home was the best way to start a rewarding day on the lake fishing with disadvantaged children.  The 9th-annual Field of Dreams’ Kid's Fishing Day was a great success.  No cell phone required.

The event started on Friday, May 16th with dinner at Granzella's in Williams, CA.  Great food and two guest speakers – 11-yr. old Joe Mammola of Yuba City and 14-yr. old Albertito Salomon of Sacramento.  Their optimism and humor made the evening.

The families equipped with new fishing gear stayed the night at Granzella's Inn.  Saturday began with a big breakfast and then off to fish on a lake at family owned cattle ranch in Stonyford, CA.

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