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  • 1505 Dennis Street in Jacksonville, Florida, is a 72,373 sq.ft. cold storage and distribution facility on 5.31 acres with easy access to Interstates 95 and 10.

  • The building is ideally-located next to I-95 and is just a short distance away from the intersection of I-95 with I-10.  Jacksonville is accessible to 50 million consumers within 8 hours of truck transit time and 60% of the U.S. population s reached within 24 hours.

  • The property is within an IRS-designated Opportunity Zone.

  • The facility is comprised of a 65,892 sq.ft. Main Facility; 3,456 sq.ft. Office Area (2 floors at 1,728 sq.ft. each); a 1,867 sq.ft. Office Annex; and a 1,158 sq.ft. Storage Annex.  Within the Main Facility there is 30,192 sq.ft. of existing freezer; 14,262 sq.ft. of existing cooler; and 12,654 sq.ft. of dock/staging/dry storage space.

  • Ceiling Heights: Center Load Dock = 14’ clear; Freezer = 30’ clear; and Cooler/East Dock = 16’ clear.

  • Truck Doors: Four 8’x8’ and one 6’x8’ on the West Dock; four 8’x8’ on the Center Dock; and twelve 7’-6”x8’-6” on the East Dock.  The Truck Court is up to 152’ deep.

  • Column spacing: 19’x19’ in the Cooler/East Docks.

  • Zoning: IH (industrial heavy) and IL (Industrial Light)

  • Electrical: 800 amps|480 v

  • Climate Control: Freezer = 0 degrees; Central Dock = 35 to 50 degrees; Cooler = 35/38 degrees.

  • The current cooling system has been drained and rendered inert.

  • The building was built from 1965-1985 with the freezer portion being added in 1985.  The building is built of a combination of concrete pre-cast panel block and insulated metal with a built-up rubber membrane roof.

  • The building is served by an inactive CSX rail spur.

  • The Jacksonville market continues to benefit from the growth of the area’s seaport which is quickly gaining container volumes from Asia through both the Panama and Suez canals.  JAXPORT was recently named one of the nations’ top ten fastest growing export ports and continually ranks among the top auto ports in the U.S. by volume.  The port offers worldwide cargo service from more than 40 ocean carriers, including direct service with Europe, Africa, South America, the Caribbean and other key markets.  JAXPORT’s Foreign Trade Zone No. 64 is the 3rd largest of Florida’s 20 FTZs (based on import/export trade values).  Recently, a $600 million investment in infrastructure improvements and a newly authorized project to deepen the federal shipping channel to meet the needs of larger cargo ships transiting goods today has been made.

  • For more information, please contact:
    Matt Marks
    Tower Investments, LLC
    250 W. Main St., Suite 101
    Woodland, CA 95695
    (530) 668-1000 – telephone
    (530) 666-5574 – facsimile

Jacksonville Cold Storage & Distribution

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Jacksonville Cold Storage & Distribution Interior

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Jacksonville Cold Storage & Distribution Floorplan

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Jacksonville Cold Storage & Distribution Location

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Jacksonville Cold Storage & Distribution Area Location

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