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More Jobs Headed to Galesburg

By Jessica Wheeler - HOI Channel 19 (ABC) News
December 22, 2005

More jobs could soon be headed to Galesburg: the new owners of the old Butler plant have big plans for the area.

Tower Investments and the Industrial Reality Group, both out of California, purchased the property last week. The companies specialize in redeveloping old industrial lots.

They hope to break up the more than 107 acres of land and 950-thousand square feet of buildings and sell or rent them to multiple companies, creating a massive Galesburg Industrial Center.

The Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association, or Air Max 2016, thinks this will bring great things to the city.

"Number one is that the facility won/t be sitting there empty," said GREDA Vice President Linda Utsinger. "Number two, we have outside investors that are willing to put money into the community, which I think Nike huarache original a very positive thing. If they didn't see really value in that, they wouldn't be doing that."

There's no telling exactly how many jobs this could bring to the city, but multiple companies have already looked into the property and have shown some interest in moving to Galesburg.

Plant shut-downs over the last two years have lead to the loss of around 2,000 jobs in the city.

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